Teaching | Supervision | Research

Teaching & Supervision

My philosophy of teaching seeks to incorporate adult learning theory to accommodate the needs of diverse learners, while creating an environment of mutual respect, curiosity, and inclusion.

To date, I have gained teaching experience in diverse university and college settings. I am an Adjunct Professor in the Counselling Psychology Program at the University of British Columbia (UBC), an Instructor in the Department of Psychology at UBC, and a Clinical Associate of the Simon Fraser University Clinical Psychology Centre. I enjoy teaching clinical practice courses and offering individual and group-based clinical supervision for Master’s and doctoral psychology trainees.


Psychological science is a tool that benefits society. A thread that runs through my program of research is the study of identity.

One aspect of my research focuses on optimizing athletes’ adaptation to sport retirement, including supporting identity loss and transformation. My award-winning research in this area resulted in being named a UBC Public Scholar. You can read about my public scholarship here.

Another aspect focuses on enhancing identity development during emerging adulthood within the general population. My doctoral research found that group interventions that brought young people together to talk about their identities helped them develop a stronger sense of who they are and where they are heading in life.

With funding support from prominent research bodies, I investigate real-world problems that seek to advance psychological treatments to increase wellness among young adults and athletes. I have published over 15 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge by presenting my work at professional conferences.

If you are interested in learning more, both my Doctoral Dissertation and Master’s Thesis are available for your reading pleasure. Please contact me for information about my published articles. You may also watch this video for a brief synopsis of my work: